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    Elated, the servant asked the woman if she wants to come and marry his master's son (Isaac).

    Instruction for consolidating corporation returns

    A contract of suretyship shall be deemed to be an insurance contract, within the meaning of this Code, only if made by a surety who or which, as such, is doing an insurance business as hereinafter provided. Any contingent or unknown event, whether past or future, which may damnify a person having an insurable interest, or create a liability against him, may be insured against, subject to the provisions of this chapter. If an insurer assents to the transfer of an insurance from a mortgagor to a mortgagee, and, at the time of his assent, imposes further obligation on the assignee, making a new contract with him, the act of the mortgagor cannot affect the rights of said assignee. The assets and investments of such separate variable accounts shall not be taken into account in applying the quantitative investment limitations applicable to other investments of the company. Assets allocated to any separate variable account shall be valued at their market value on the date of any valuation, or if there is no readily available market then in accordance with the terms of the variable contract applicable to such assets, or if there are no such contract terms then in such manner as may be prescribed by the rules and regulations of the Commissioner. The proceeds of the policy maturing by the death of the insured payable to the beneficiary shall include the discounted value of all premiums paid in advance of their due dates, but are not due and payable at maturity. Refusal or failure to pay the loss or damage within the time prescribed herein will entitle the assured to collect interest on the proceeds of the policy for the duration of the delay at the rate of twice the ceiling prescribed by the Monetary Board, unless such failure or refusal to pay is based on the ground that the claim is fraudulent. The conservator may be another insurance company doing business in the Philippines, by officer or officers of such company, or any other competent and qualified person, firm or corporation.

    In the application of the provisions of this Code the fact that no profit is derived from the making of insurance contracts, agreements or transactions or that no separate or direct consideration is received therefor, shall not be deemed conclusive to show that the making thereof does not constitute the doing or transacting of an insurance business. Any minor of the age of eighteen years or more, may, notwithstanding such minority, contract for life, health and accident insurance, with any insurance company duly authorized to do business in the Philippines, provided the insurance is taken on his own life and the beneficiary appointed is the minor's estate or the minor's father, mother, husband, wife, child, brother or sister. Unless the policy otherwise provides, where a mortgagor of property effects insurance in his own name providing that the loss shall be payable to the mortgagee, or assigns a policy of insurance to a mortgagee, the insurance is deemed to be upon the interest of the mortgagor, who does not cease to be a party to the original contract, and any act of his, prior to the loss, which would otherwise avoid the insurance, will have the same effect, although the property is in the hands of the mortgagee, but any act which, under the contract of insurance, is to be performed by the mortgagor, may be performed by the mortgagee therein named, with the same effect as if it had been performed by the mortgagor. In the purchase of common capital stock or other equities, the insurer shall designate to the broker, or to the seller if the purchase is not made through a broker, the specific variable account for which the investment is made. The remuneration of the conservator and other expenses attendant to the conservation shall be borne by the insurance company concerned.

    Grounds for compulsory refusal, suspension, or revocation of agent’s, title agency’s, adjuster’s, customer representative’s, service representative’s, or managing general agent’s license or appointment.“Active participant” means a member in good standing of an association who attends 4 or more hours of association meetings every year, not including any department-approved continuing education course.“Agent” means a general lines agent, life agent, health agent, or title agent, or all such agents, as indicated by context.

    instruction for consolidating corporation returns-42

    624.462, or a workers’ compensation self-insurance fund established pursuant to s.

    (5) Any reference in this Act to the power of the Minister or the Bank to impose or specify conditions shall include the power of the Minister or the Bank, as the case may be, to amend or revoke any existing conditions or impose any new conditions.

    (3) The Bank may, either generally or in a particular case, appoint a person who is not an officer of the Bank to perform any or all of its functions on behalf of and in the name of the Bank or render such assistance in the performance of its functions under this Act as the Bank may specify. (1) The business and affairs of a prescribed institution shall be managed under the direction and oversight of its board of directors, subject to this Act and any other written law which may be applicable to the prescribed institution.

    ensure that the strategies pursued by the prescribed institution are consistent with its constituent documents and any specification made by the Bank pursuant to subsection 28(1), and that the prescribed institution has the capacity and capability to manage such strategies; set and oversee the implementation of business and risk objectives and strategies, and in doing so, shall have regard to the long term viability of the prescribed institution and reasonable standards of fair dealing; ensure and oversee the effective design and implementation of sound internal controls, compliance and risk management systems commensurate with the nature, scale and complexity of the business and structure of the prescribed institution; (3) In carrying out its functions and duties under this section, the board of directors of a prescribed institution shall have regard to the interests of the customers and depositors of the prescribed institution.

    (3) Any director who contravenes paragraph (1)(c) commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eight years or to a fine not exceeding twenty-five million ringgit or to both.

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